I am a Virginia licensed REALTOR® in the city of Richmond. My goal is to create an enjoyable buying experience through educating you on the journey of purchasing a home so you can celebrate this milestone in your life with confidence. When you "enroll" in the Home Schooled course you'll receive my Home Schooled e-book, a detailed guide of buying information that I share with my clients.

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Home Schooled


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LenderS + Mortgages


Before we can start looking for your home we have to know your budget. Let me help you take the mystery out of the money! This section will explain why you need a loan officer, what they’ll need from you, and how checking off this step helps you get to the good stuff! 


Realtors  + Home Hunting


Looking at homes is what you’ve been waiting to do! Let’s get you off of Zillow and in the front door. This lesson will teach you why you want a Realtor as your home buying partner and what you can expect as you search for your new home.


Offers + Negotiations


When you find a home you love it’s time to put in an offer. Your agent facilitates your offer and the negotiations but you should know what options are available to you. This lesson teaches you the basics of your contract, offers, and the terms you can negotiate. 


Inspectors + Appraisals

Lesson four

Once your offer is accepted by a seller it’s time to get your home inspected. This lessons reviews the duty of an inspector, what you can expect during your inspection, and what you should be prepared to do once you have an accepted offer.


Closing + Ownership

lesson five

The day you are handed the keys to your home will be one of the most exciting days yet. This final lesson reviews what you should bring to closing, what all that paperwork really means, and what it’s like to become a #happyhomeowner.

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